IRCBO is convergence of diversified yet an extensive set of experience via decades of high caliber performance by it's founding partners in the multitude of demanding profiles.

The On-board & Pro bono promoter's consolidated experience is about 100 years as entrepreneurs, executives in corporate roles & evangelists, across unique industries of Automobile, Information Technology, III Party Certifications, Management Systems.

Industrial Experience in

IRCBO signifies focus in meeting the business objectives through risk management ( realization, acceptance & execution to adapt, survive, overcome and even thrive )

IRCBO believes in simplicity & user friendly solutions, for easier acceptance and ownership of the same, ensuring a future scalability & sustainability readiness.

IRCBO Co-operates with it's below ingrained principles

  • Complete Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability of self as well as client's Information.
  • Instrumental in developing a people culture in client's Organization, to own the processes and ensure upkeep of the management systems in the long run, after project is completed & transitioned.
  • Empowering Top Management & due Governance with Dash Boards on defined business objectives for Agile Leadership, for an integrated sustainability in future.
  • We aspire to be synonymous for continual Improvements, depending on varying requirements of the clients, as an ongoing partner, not merely one time.


Pradeep Sinha
Managing Director
Naresh Rao
Technical Director